How to Trade Forex Trading Guide

How to Trade Forex

Master the forex markets in no time

The 'How to Trade Forex' guide begins by providing an overview of the forex market and its key participants. The guide then jumps into discussing the ThinkForex MetaTrader 4 platform, and explaining how forex market can be accessed from there as well as how traders can manage their positions from any internet-enabled computer, be it desktop or mobile. The article concludes with an overview of key events that tend to move the market, and thus may be of interest to traders.

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Risk Warning 3
The Forex Market Community 4
Major Currencies in the Forex Market 4
Trading Platform Overview - Desktop, Web, and Mobile 5
     Market Data 5
     Charts 5
     Order Entry Ticket 5
     Trade Panel 6
     Desktop, Web, and Mobile 6
Entering and Exiting a Trade 6
     Margin and Leverage 6
     The Order Ticket 7
Easily Accessible Opportuniities in Up and Down Markets 8
Trading Around the World 8
The Future of the Forex Market 9

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