WTI and Brent oil

Add energies to your trading portfolio with ThinkForex. As trends shift and environmental factors such as weather impact supply and demand, trading opportunities may emerge.

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Trading energies is a great way to gain exposure to price changes and inflation trends in food products and the demand for oil that often serve as a proxy for energy markets and the economic health of consumers.

Energy trading benefits include:

  • Track trends in inflation
  • Heavily-traded liquid global markets
  • Trade overnight
  • Low financing charges
  • Increase your trading opportunities

Here at ThinkForex, we offer two energy contracts:

Popular energies Include:

  • WTI oil 
  • Brent oil

To calculate the profit and loss for energy CFD trades please follow the example below:

Buy Example:
Instrument: WTI
Volume: 1.0
Open price: 98.40
Close price: 99.40
Increment: 0.01
Increment value: USD 1.00

Market movement = (closing price - opening price) / minimum increment
Example: (99.40-98.40) / 0.01 = 100 increments

Profit and loss = market movement x increment value x volume
Example: 100 increments x USD 1.00 x 1 = $100

To get started trading energies please select from the resources below:

  • WTI - Oil

    WTI Oil

  • Brent


WTI, short for West Texas Intermediate (also known as Texas light sweet) is a grade of oil that is primarily produced in the United States. As such, its supply and demand can often vary considerably relative to Brent crude oil, another oil benchmark that is widely traded. This anomaly often results in unique opportunities for traders, in addition to the opportunities borne out of trading WTI based purely on fundamental supply and demand or the technical factors based on how the WTI price chart is developing.

Key Contract Terms:
Increment: 0.01 | Increment Value: 1.00 USD
Trading Hours (GMT +2): 01:00 - 00:15, (Fri close 00:00) | More Contract Details

Brent crude oil is extracted primarily from the North Sea. The price of Brent is used as the benchmark to price 2/3 of the world's oil, and thus is the primary benchmark for pricing oil around the world. The Brent price offered on ThinkForex platforms stems from the futures price of Brent crude for the nearest expiration month as traded on the InterContinentalExchange (ICE) in London.

Key Contract Terms:
Increment: 0.01 | Increment Value: 1.00 USD
Trading Hours (GMT +2): 03:00 - 01:00, (Fri close 00:00) | More Contract Details
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