CFD Trading Conditions

Trade CFDs Quickly and Efficiently.

Our CFD traders benefit from scalable and cost efficient CFD contracts that cover a wide range of global markets.  All CFD order execution is processed on our low latency infrastructure resulting in optimal CFD trading conditions.

CFD Trading Conditions
  • CFD Contract Sizes

    Small Contract Sizes

    Our CFDs are available in small contract to allow traders to build precision orders sizes to meet their individual needs. The availability of smaller contracts ensures our clients can position themselves in the markets exactly where they wish to be.

  • Trade CFDs with Forex

    Trade with Forex

    CFD contracts are available for trading without requiring a separate account. Our traders can easily create and execute global trading strategies using CFDs, and Forex all from one single account with no additional requirements.

  • Low Finance Charges

    Low Financing Charges

    ThinkForex clients benefit from access to CFD cash indices with low finance charges. Our traders can quickly and efficiently execute their orders without heavy additional charges on each trade. Overtime these savings amount to a large benefit to our clients.

  • Robust Trading Execution

    Superior Trade Execution

    All CFD orders are executed in the same high-speed method as our Forex and Metal products with a focus on efficient pricing and fast fills. ThinkForex clients also benefit from having no restrictions or minimum Stop Loss or Take Profit levels. Set orders as close to the market as you wish.

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