Copper Trading

Trade Copper on ThinkForex’s world class infrastructure, and place trades on the same grid as all major banks and liquidity providers. Experience exceptionally fast execution, on the most ideal trading infrastructure in the market today! ThinkForex offers Copper CFD trading with no commissions or financing charges and the option of choosing leverage up to 100:1.

Copper is a vital industrial metal that varies in supply in demand, leading to volatile pricing changes and increased opportunities to trade in both buy and sell directions. Get started and open a live account with ThinkForex today!

Copper Trading Benefits

  • Trade with up to 500:1 leverage
  • Zero commission trading on Copper
  • Trade side by side with Forex CFDs
  • Trade global metal demand
  • Go long and short in the same account
  • Volatile pricing with increased opportunities
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Copper Margin and Specifications

Margin Calculations  
Margin Calculation (product price x volume x units per contract / leverage)
Example: $3.3000 x 1 x 2500 / 100 = $82.50
Leverage is 100:1 in this example
Copper moves in 0.0005 increments with a increment value of $1.25 per contract. The P&L of a Copper trade can be calculated by multiplying tick value, number of contracts, and market movement (Closing Price - Open Price x 2000)
In this example, the position 1 contract was closed at 3.3500.from a 3.3430 open. Market movement = (3.3500 – 3.3430) X 2000 = 14 pips P&L Calculation 1.25 x 1 x 14 = $17.50

Contract Symbol COPPER
Contract Size 2500 oz
Increment Size 0.0005
Increment Value per contract $1.25
Trading Hours (GMT) 01:00 - 00:15 (Fri close 00:00)
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