Spot Silver Trading

For traders who seek to trade volatile assets but risk little capital, silver is undoubtedly the smart choice, given its warranted reputation as a more volatile and inexpensive version of gold. ThinkForex offers silver trading terms designed for traders of all sizes: traders can trade in just 1 ounce increments, and spreads are under .05 per ounce. A more expansive list of silver trading benefits is outlined below.  

Silver Trading Benefits

  • Buy or Sell Silver Against Yen, Aussie Dollar, US dollar, and Euro
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • 100:1 Leverage
  • Trade Side by Side with Forex Pairs

A Silver Trading Example

Margin Calculations

Margin Calculation (5000 x Price x Lot Size) / Leverage
Example: 5000 x 35.5 x 1.0 = $177500 / 200 = $887.50
Leverage is 200:1 in this example
Silver moves in 0.01 increments with a whole increment value of $50 per 1.0 lot. Silver whole increment values can be calculated by multiplying tick value, lot size, and market movement (Closing Price - Open Price x 100)
In this example, the position (0.25 lot) was closed at 40.00 from a 39.50 open. Market movement = (40.00 - 39.50) X 100 = 50 whole increments P&L Calculation 50 x 0.25 x 50 = $625


Contract Symbol XAG/USD
Contract Size 5000 oz
Whole Increment Size 0.01
Whole Increment Value per 1.0 Lot $50
Trading Hours (GMT) Sunday: 23:00 - Friday 22:00

Please Note: There is a daily 1 hour break from 21:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT.

See the contract specifications page for a full list of specifications on all instruments ThinkForex offers. 

Trade Silver the Smart Way

Success in trading comes down to having an edge; something that puts the odds in your favor. Trading experience, psychological mastery, and education in the markets are all a key part of how an edge can be developed. Continue building your edge in trading silver using the links below. 

Silver Institute Research

Silver Mining News

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